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Why Choose Us

We specialize in the supply of electrical automation systems for industrial enterprises, construction and energy industries.

If projects only use official products «SIEMENS» . This allows us to provide the highest quality service, not only on delivery and sales, but also service and support information. Products «SIEMENS» officially imported, held a formal clearance procedure with a mandatory payment of the necessary fees.

Employees «TOPCITYSERVICE» Ltd – top-class professionals who love their work and who are able to work in a team. To improve the quality of service regularly trained employees in our factories of «SIEMENS» to upgrade the skills and standards of service.

We know all about the equipment supplied! It helps us to make recommendations related to handling technical issues and to ensure high quality and durability of the equipment.

On the market since 2008
More than 100 implemented projects
Certified experts

The company has developed and put into practice more than 100 engineering and technical solutions with originality and positive impact on the performance of the equipment.
All these factors make our company extremely attractive to our partners and customers and create a solid foundation for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Certificates and licenses