About us

LLC  TOPSITISERVIS was founded in 2008 and specializes in the supply of automation systems for electrical equipment for industrial enterprises of various branches of the economy.

As a supplier of electrotechnical products, services and integrated technical and technological solutions for industrial complexes and production lines, the company implements solutions for more flexible and rapid production with the help of innovative technologies. Thanks to its experience in the field of electrification, automation and digitalization, OOO "TOPSITISERVIS" creates long-term values ​​for future generations.

When implementing projects, the company, being the official partner of the Siemens Ukraine, uses only the official production of SIEMENS. This allows us to provide the highest quality services, not only supply and sale, but also service and information support. The SIEMENS products are officially imported, and are undergoing an official clearance procedure with mandatory payment of the necessary fees.

Employees of LLC "TOPSITISERVIS" - professionals of the highest class, loving their work and able to work in the team. For the improvement of quality, standards of service and qualification - training of employees of our company is regularly carried out at the factories of the company "SIEMENS". The employees of LLC "TOPSITISERVIS" have a special approach to the work and the solution of the tasks. It is precisely the high standards adopted in relation to their professional responsibilities that allow the implementation of any projects at the highest level.

We know everything about the supplied equipment! This helps us provide recommendations for technical problems and guarantee the high quality and durability of the equipment.

The company has developed and implemented in practice more than 100 engineering and engineering solutions that are novel and have a positive effect on the operational characteristics of the equipment.

All of these factors make our enterprise extremely attractive to our partners and customers and create a solid basis for long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Each client of OOO TOPSITISERVIS can be sure of the quality and prompt performance of works that meet the requirements of the technical assignment. Operative delivery and competitive cost of the equipment is ensured by well-considered logistics and balanced pricing policy of the company.

By cooperating with us, you are guaranteed to receive equipment from a reliable manufacturer and an individual approach to solving technical problems.

Our Certificates and Licenses

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