Shipping and payment

Shipping and payment


When ordering goods worth more than 3000 UAH from our warehouse. free shipping

All the goods that you make out "on order" - delivery is FREE


Delivery by mail service "New mail"

The parcel is delivered to the New Post office in your city indicated by you.

• delivery time 1-3 days from the date of sending the order;

• to receive, you must present your passport and declaration number.

Parcel is waiting for you in the "New Mail" 5 days. Further storage is paid. Take orders on time.

Please note: when ordering with the "Cash on delivery" payment method, the carrier will charge a fee of 20 UAH + 2% of the order amount.

We are working hard


Payment Methods.

• Payment to a Privatbank card. Details for payment will be sent to you as soon as the order is ready for shipment.

•C.O.D. You pay for the order upon receipt of the parcel.

• Online payment (Visa / MasterCard)


Terms of payment.

• When ordering goods worth more than 3000 UAH from our warehouse. free shipping

We try to make your shopping as comfortable as possible.


Return Policy

We make sure that the selection of equipment becomes the most convenient and efficient for you, and also guarantee you the quality of all the goods presented.

If the product does not comply, if there is a defect, or if the product just did not fit you, we guarantee a refund if the following conditions are met:

• return of goods is issued within 5 days from the date the customer receives the goods;

• from the moment of sending the goods to the buyer until the moment of receiving the return, we have passed no more than 14 calendar days;

• the product is in the same condition as when you received it in the mail (the presence of packaging, the presence of all tags, no signs of wear, stains and foreign odors);

• sending goods for return or exchange is carried out only by New Mail;

• services for shipping the goods back paid by the client. The exception is defective goods, in which case all shipping costs to you will be reimbursed.

Not subject to return / exchange: goods from the sale section.

Please specify when ordering the possibility of returning goods to avoid misunderstandings.

Company returns in accordance with the Law

“On the Protection of Consumer Rights”

Return Date:

14 days

Return Cost:

by agreement

Return and Exchange Terms

You can turn around but exchange the goods, which you don’t have, with a length of 14 days from the time of purchase. Tse the right to you the guarantorє "The law on zahist rights of the living." Be sure to swap the goods for sale in the following order: Three statutes 9 of the Law “On the protection of rights”, goods that are in good condition (without defects) can be exchanged for any turns to the store, which lasts 14 days, without the need to buy the goods: , without having bought in and out not having to: victorious: scribble, chipped, scuffed, scented, non-scribbled scribbled for packaging, documentation; the program is not secured without any benefits or activation; commodity viglyad of savings - all labels, stickers and those are better suited to the goods in the unchanged viglyad, the goods are replenished with complements, packings; all documents for the goods are available (instructions, guarantee coupon, receipts, but goods receipt, which must be purchased), all labels, factory packaging and packaging are protected.


Buyer Protection Program

The Buyer Protection Program involves the possibility of receiving compensation in the amount of up to 3 000 UAH. for buyers whose orders were paid but not sent by the seller.

To receive compensation, you must fulfill three conditions:

1. Correctly fill out all order items through the basket on the Topsitiservice website ..

You will receive the order number in the confirmation letter after placing the order, and it is also indicated in the buyer's office.

Recommendations for safe shopping on the Topsitiservice website

Read the product information carefully.

• Find out the maximum information about the company, terms of payment and delivery.

• Place an order through the Topsitiservice basket, carefully fill in your details and contact phone number.

• Never transfer personal data to third parties.

• Keep all documents related to the transaction.

• Always check the goods upon receipt. A guarantee of safety of purchases is your attentiveness and compliance with the above recommendations.

2. Provide a document confirming payment of the order with the details received through the website / mail Topsitiservice ..

3. Provide a document confirming your appeal to the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine on the fact of seller’s fraud (excerpt from ERDR with the indicated case number or coupon notification confirming the acceptance of your application).

Recommendations on the procedure for contacting law enforcement agencies

The procedure for filing an application with the prosecutor or the police is regulated by Art. 214 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine.

How to write a statement? The law does not directly provide for the form and content of an application to the police or prosecutors. It must be remembered that the completeness and validity of a statement significantly affects whether the information is entered in the Unified Register of Pre-trial Investigations or not. (You can get acquainted in part 5 of article 214 of the CPC of Ukraine).

The following information must be indicated in the application:

• name of the authority you are applying to;

• name of applicant, phone number;

• a description of the circumstances that confirm the commission of an offense-fraud (describe the order situation in chronological order, indicate the name of the seller company and the address of its website, the name of the contact person with whom you spoke, attach a copy of the correspondence by e-mail, etc.) ;

• evidence that confirms the above information (documents confirming payment for the ordered goods);

• date and signature.


When can a buyer fail to use the Buyer Protection Program?

• The transaction on the site was not executed through a basket;

• Details for payment of the order received outside the system For example, via sms message, personal mail, over the phone or other communication channels;

• The goods were delivered, but did not meet the order or the goods turned out to be of inadequate quality (in this case, the exchange or return of goods is carried out in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights");

• The place of dispatch or the place of receipt of goods is located outside Ukraine;

• More than 90 calendar days have passed since the order was placed;

• The goods were not delivered or were damaged due to the fault of the delivery service (contact the carrier’s office to clarify the compensation procedure);

• At the time of the appeal, the buyer has already received compensation for the transaction from the seller or the payment system;

• Service ordered.


* An application for payment of compensation may be submitted only by persons whose details are indicated in the order. Applications from third parties are not considered.